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Top Things You Need To Know About Freight Forwarding Companies UK

The world is getting smaller every day. This is not just a sentimental line, but an economic realization that comes as a result of expanding world trade. There is no doubt that it is now easier to navigate the world, whether by sea, air, or even online. The demand for freight forwarding companies UK has been on the rise in the past years, making it imperative for industry players to get to know more about freight forwarding companies UK, so they can choose the best ones that will be able to meet their requirements.

Take a look at some of the top things you need to know about freight forwarding companies UK. This information will not only help you understand the freight forwarding business, but will also help you make the right decision when choosing freight forwarding companies UK.

Role of freight forwarding companies UK in world economy
The growth of the freight forwarding business has influenced the expanding reach of the global economy. With the operationalization of more freight forwarding companies UK, businesses get more exposure abroad. The import and export industries from and bound for the UK would suffer without the services offered by freight forwarding companies UK.

Freight forwarding companies UK are third parties
As logistics providers, freight forwarding companies UK are considered third parties that take charge of dispatching goods and other shipments through the use of carriers like trucks, trains, airplanes or ships. The actual shipment of the goods is not done by these companies, but they act as intermediaries between the shippers and the providers of transportation services. Freight forwarding companies UK are considered experts when it comes to the international movement of goods, and in most cases, in other services related to international shipment.

They make sure your shipments reach their destinations
Freight forwarding companies UK may not be the actual carriers, but they may sure that your goods reach their destinations safely, at an agreed time and date, in exchange for a reasonable price. Many of the United Kingdom’s export and import businesses rely on freight forwarding companies UK for their continued and efficient operations. You can just imagine the hassle of dealing directly with the carriers so they will find a container for your goods! All these extra work is made simpler by freight forwarders.

Forwarders ensure customs controls are followed
Freight forwarding companies UK do not only make sure your goods are shipped on time, but they also make sure that they follow the Customs clearance and control requirements. Some products that enter the country are subjected to certain restrictions and controls as stipulated by different agencies like the Rural Payments Agency, Defra or Food and Rural Affairs and HM Revenue & Customs among others. Experienced freight forwarding companies UK will make sure your goods adhere to the rules to avoid penalty and pave the way for a more efficient clearance from customs. Some forwarders that offer the service subcontract it to other providers who have more knowledge of the Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom, a publication that lays down everything you need to know about the different classification of goods, the customs procedures and the major customs advice centres in the UK.

Forwarders should know about UK documentation process
Not all freight forwarding companies UK also act as customs brokers but those that offer the service should be aware of international trade regulations that enjoy precedence over regulations in the United Kingdom like the Official Journal of the European Communities and the European Union Customs Code. Freight forwarding companies UK should also have access to the online information tool called UK Trade Tariff, so the company can advise you on the available rebates, levies and taxes applicable to your goods. An ideal provider should be well aware of the different documents required for international trade to make the whole process more efficient including:
• Licences
• Packing list
• Commercial invoices
• CMR consignment note
• Bill of Lading
• Air Waybill

Freight forwarders specialize in export packaging
You may be more comfortable packing your own goods but freight forwarding companies UK have special skills in proper export or import packing which will ensure that the goods will reach their destinations in the same condition when it left the place of origin. In packing your goods, the freight forwarder will take into consideration the potential risks that the goods may encounter during transit. Most companies now make use of crates as they are more sturdy and reliable when moving goods.

As a shipper, you are responsible for complying with the international rules and regulations that govern imports and exports. And unless you are an expert in this field, you need freight forwarding companies UK to assist you in this aspect. After all, they know the freight forwarding industry inside and out, and they are in the best position to know international legislations that will apply to the movement of goods.

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